Patron complaints spark library to revisit rules

Published 12:00 am Thursday, October 5, 2000

Following recent public complaint, board members of Natchez’s Judge George W. Armstrong Library plan to review the library’s rules.

&uot;We agreed to look at the rules,&uot; Dr. Clifford Tillman, board of trustees director said, adding that the board has no specific rules in mind.

&uot;We’re very happy to review the rules; I have no idea whether we’ll change them or not,&uot; he said.

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The decision to review the rules came near the end of last week’s library board meeting, Tillman said, and he expects the review to take place at next month’s meeting.

&uot;Everyone at the library has the same purpose in mind: to make the library as good as it can be,&uot; Tillman said.

Jacqulyn Williams is one of the most recent appointees to the five-member board.

Since beginning her service in January, Williams said she has heard &uot;nothing but complaints&uot; about the library.

It was that culmination of complaints, not a specific instance, that prompted the review, Williams said.

During the review, the board will compare its policies to those of other libraries and determine whether Armstong’s rules are &uot;too stringent,&uot; she said.

Donna Janky, library director, sits on the board of trustees, but has no vote. Janky said she will help inform the board members of the specific rules during the review process.

Janky said there was a request at the last meeting to reconsider the library’s Internet access policy, which will more than likely be a focus of the review.

Use of the library’s web service is free for library card holders, and non-members may obtain a temporary Internet card valid for three days at a cost of $2.

Some library patrons have complained the rules allow only one person to use the Internet at a time, and even then they must be standing.

Janky echoed Tillman’s reminder that the review does not mean any rules will be changed, but &uot;our board is always willing to take a second look.&uot;