Rain doesn’t spoil fun at annual ‘seniors’ day

Published 12:00 am Saturday, October 7, 2000

Trinity Episcopal School 12th-graders joined senior citizens from the Natchez Senior Citizen Multi-Purpose Center Friday for a &uot;Seniors Helping Seniors&uot; day at Duncan Park.

But, as the handful of seniors who braved the rains sat in the back of the golf pro shop and told the teens about picking cotton and helping raise 14 brothers and sisters, it was hard to tell just which seniors were being helped.

&uot;I hope some students will recognize the life experience in this room,&uot; Gwen Young, Trinity senior sponsor and teacher, said over the mingled voices of young and old.

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&uot;Generally, when you’re 17, when you look around, all you see is 17-year-olds,&uot; Young said.

Lindsey Hunt, 18, said talking with the senior citizens helped her learn about the differences in generations.

&uot;We have more choices now than they did,&uot; Hunt said. While she doesn’t think twice about going to college after graduation, most senior citizens had to immediately begin working, she said.

The Trinity seniors listened almost reverently as one woman, 90, recalled her &uot;best moment&uot; to be quitting school to help raise her 14 brothers and sisters. But it wasn’t all serious. Chad Barnes, wearing his football jersey for the night’s game, said his plan for the future was simply to &uot;marry a beautiful woman and have lots of kids.&uot;

&uot;We got to give this young man a hand,&uot; Carrie Myles, -, said as she reached to pat Barnes’ hand. &uot;He’s the only one who said he wanted to have what was it? Nine or ten babies?&uot;

&uot;13,&uot; Barnes said as the room erupted in laughter.

Edwina Petersen, senior center activites director, said the group had planned to spend the morning fishing in the park’s pond, but heavy rains forced them indoors.

Bessie Stewart Green, 85, didn’t seem to mind.

&uot;The Lord knows what He’s doing,&uot; she said, smiling as Liz Lewis, 17, tucked an artificial flower in her silver hair.