Chamber’s awards are well-deserved

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Sometimes, you read of accolades and awards bestowed and think, &uot;how fitting.&uot; So it is today with the Natchez Chamber of Commerce’s annual awards recognizing outstanding leadership and civic service.

The Natchezian, Athena and Small Business of the Year awards presented Tuesday night at the chamber’s annual meeting are &uot;just right,&uot; as you might think.

The late Dr. David Steckler was honored with the Natchezian of the Year award, given traditionally to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution to the community. Dr. Steckler did just that — from his dedicated service on the Natchez-Adams School Board to his work with the Chamber to his benevolent efforts on behalf on the Natchez Historical Society, Natchez Opera Festival, Historic Natchez Foundation, Natchez Recreation Council and many others, Dr. Steckler believed in giving not just his time, but his talents and his treasures to his community. He embodied the principals he worked to teach others: dedication to God, his family and his fellow man, and recognizing him as the Natchezian of the Year is a small tribute to all he did.

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Dianne Brown, winner of the Great River Olds-Nissan-GMC Athena Award, deserves recognition for her efforts to promote the roles of women in business. A Realtor who nurtured her talent for sales and a sharp business acumen, Brown is now a successful owner of a local real estate brokerage and active in both state and local Realtor organizations. She is a community leader — active in dozens of organizations — and remains committed to furthering the role of women in business.

The Langnes family’s successful franchise growth here in Natchez earns due accolades for their efforts. With the opening of the &uot;new, new&uot; McDonald’s location this year — the family’s third in Natchez — the Langnes family solidifies its commitment to the community. More important, the family members continue that commitment through community involvement, from work with the Natchez Chamber of Commerce to work with schools and other programs. They are investing in our community — in many ways — and they deserve recognition for that.

Congratulations, of course, to all the well-deserving winners.