Democrat chooses endorsement slate

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 4, 2000

For the first time in many Americans’ lifetimes, we have a real race for the White House. Even the experts are hesitant to predict who will ultimately win, although nearly everyone has a favorite.

And The Democrat’s editorial board is no exception. Throughout the past year, we have watched and studied the candidates, their running mates and their platforms. We have discussed the issues countless times, debating the merits or shortcomings of proposals offered by both Republican George W. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore. And we come back to the same conclusion: The GOP ticket with Bush and vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney wins our support.

The primary reasons are simple. In making our choice, we considered not only the presidential candidates but also their running mates, their party platforms and their likely candidates for the cabinet. Based on those criteria, it’s a clear choice. When considering tax cuts one of the key issues in the presidential race and the one most likely to affect most of our pocketbooks directly his plan is the one that offers the most real benefits for middle income families. And, quite frankly, these are the people who deserve tax breaks the most.

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More important, Bush has surrounded himself with bright, talented individuals from running mate Cheney to his inner circle of advisers. If strong, effective leadership is based in part on the team surrounding the leader, Bush is a clear winner. Moreover, our country stands to be the winner by giving these people the chance to lead our government.

In a more local race, we also offer an endorsement for the U.S. House of Representatives 4th District seat on Tuesday’s ticket. Blue Dog Democrat Ronnie Shows, a short-term incumbent, is challenged by Dunn Lampton, a Republican district attorney with a strong conservative platform and a heartfelt conviction for serving the public. In this race, Lampton gets our endorsement. While Shows is a more consummate politicians than Lampton, Shows’ &uot;moderate&uot; Democrat philosophy closely mimics the Republican Lampton’s platform on many issues. In that case, we look to the character and conviction of the candidates, and we give Lampton the nod. His honest desire to better society whether with tougher crime laws or boosting educational systems by boosting local control would benefit the 4th District, which includes Adams County.

There are other races on the ballot, as well: Southern District Supreme Court Justice, for which we endorse incumbent Oliver Diaz, based on his performance so far on the bench; and District 2 Election Commission, for which we endorse Larry Gardner, who has extensive experience with the election process and an intense commitment to the work.

Most important, we encourage each of you to vote on Tuesday. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 7 p.m. In those 12 hours, you can take 12 minutes and cast your ballot for our county, our country and our future.