Parish residents pray for election of moral leaders

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, November 7, 2000

FERRIDAY, La. – A day before going to the polls to vote, a small group of Miss-Lou residents got down on their knees to pray that able, moral leaders be elected to the nation’s highest posts.

Although the number of people who gathered at noon Monday at Ferriday Town Hall was small — only nine people attended — they made the most of their minutes together, praying fervently for God’s guidance.

&uot;We ask that you guide us tomorrow as we go to the polls to vote, and that the man you’ve chosen is put in office as president,&uot; Deborah Firmin prayed. &uot;Guide us and direct us.&uot;

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The Bible says voting is a person’s duty, said the Rev. Bob Schlemmer, pastor of Ferriday Church of God, spoke briefly at the start of Monday’s meeting.

He cited Exodus 18:21 (New International Version), which states people should &uot;select capable men from all the people — men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain — and appoint them as officials.&uot;

&uot;It’s our job, our obligation and our commitment,&uot; said Schlemmer. &uot;Not only that, but we need to call our fellow church members, relatives and friends and remind them to vote as well.&uot;

Later, each person attending the rally got the chance to pray for his or her election concerns. Huey Nelson prayed that people would turn out to vote and would let God guide their voting choice.

&uot;There aren’t enough God-fearing people in office,&uot;&160;Nelson prayed. &uot;In any place of authority, we need godly people.&uot;

Schlemmer noted that people need to study where the candidates stand on issue in order to make an informed choice in the voting booth.

In her prayer, Beverly Doss said that one cannot always be sure a candidate will stick to his or her promises once in office — but added that one can trust in God to handle the situation.

&uot;Some (candidates) say this and say that, but all we can do is go (to the polls) in your name,&uot;&160;Doss said. &uot;Without you, we’re helpless, but we have prayer to stand on.&uot;

Those gathered at the prayer meeting also thanked God for the opportunity to gather and voice their requests to Him, and asked that He make the United States a more moral nation.

&uot;We need to turn towards holiness,&uot; Firmin prayed. &uot;We pray for revival.&uot;

Nelson expressed disappointment at the small number of people who attended Monday’s rally. But Doss added that, according to the Bible, &uot;wherever two or three are gathered together in (God’s) name, (He is) there.&uot;