Are Americans simply tuning out election saga?

Published 12:00 am Saturday, December 2, 2000

Nearly four weeks after voters made their choice for our nation’s next leader, many folks have simply lost interest in the race.

And it’s hard to blame them. After millions of people stayed up into the wee hours of election night to see who the next president would be, the next week was filled with news reports and endless discussion about the issue.

At that point the election was intriguing and kept America’s collective attention. Like a good sporting event, the fans were standing up stretching their necks to see the action.

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That was week one.

Now, nearly four weeks into the incessant hair-splitting debate over Florida’s election results, most folks have begun to tune it all out.

In the grocery story lines and beauty shops people are increasingly expressing disgust in the ongoing debate.

And it’s unfortunate, and not merely for the TV executives who loved the high interest the initial election coverage captured.

It’s unfortunate because the move might signal that Americans are losing faith in the entire political process.

Just when some folks were rallying around the notion that the razor-thin election proved that every vote does, indeed, count, many Americans now believe a good lawyer may prove better than enough votes.

Or at least a good team of lawyers can prolong and stall the process for the victor.

If, as Al Gore has said, he simply wants what’s best for America, the time for the fight to stop is long overdue.

By continuing the legal battle, Democrats and Republicans are costing the nation a fortune and diminishing much of what faith America has in its system.

And, many polls show more than half of all Americans just want the fiasco to be over with – soon.