Brace for cold temps, but no snow

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Hoping for a white Christmas? You’ll probably have to wait at least another year. After a brief warmup Wednesday, another blast of Arctic air is on its way to the Miss-Lou area, but with little if any wintry precipitation.

According to meteorologist Chris Jakub of the Jackson office of the National Weather Service, Natchez can expect a 50 percent chance of rain early in the day today with a high temperature of around 40 degrees.

A northwest wind of between 10 and 20 miles per hour will cause the wind chill to be in the 20s to low 30s.

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Jakub said the rain, which was expected to begin Wednesday night, will not freeze over as overnight lows were expected to remain above 32 degrees.

&uot;The worst weather, freezing rain and snow, will be in northeast Mississippi,&uot; Jakub said. That area of the state was put under a winter storm watch through this morning.

Adams County Civil Defense Director George Souderes said he wouldn’t be surprised if some people in this area saw some light freezing rain, but chances of that actually happening are very small.

&uot;We’ve been working back and forth with Jackson weather,&uot; Souderes said. &uot;We also watch Channel 33 (The Weather Channel), which gives a broader view, and they’re saying something else (a wintry mix).&uot;

&uot;Jackson weather says we’re going to have a 60 percent chance of rain tonight (Wednesday night) and a chance of rain early (this morning),&uot; he said.

&uot;We’re not expecting anything&uot; as far as wintry precipitation is concerned.

Tonight, as the sky clears out, the low temperature is expected to drop to around 15 degrees, Jakub said, which means a hard freeze warning will likely be issued for the Miss-Lou area.

Friday’s high temperature won’t be very high at all – between 30 and 35 degrees.

As far as the chances for the area having a white Christmas, Jakub said those chances are &uot;slim to none.&uot;

Souderes said that according to the National Weather Service’s Jackson office, Natchez is expected to have a dry Christmas with the low temperature of around 30 degrees and the high temperature of 40 to 45 degrees.

&uot;We’re hoping for some of the white stuff right before Christmas,&uot; he said. &uot;Mother Nature changes attitude.&uot;