Telecommunication tower issue is not going away

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Natchez aldermen did the right thing Tuesday in upholding a recent decision to allow a telecommunication tower to be built on Jeff Davis Boulevard.

Two residents had appealed the Natchez Metro Planning Commission’s decision to allow the construction to the aldermen. We’re glad the aldermen upheld the decision.

The request to construct the tower in question came before the city placed a moratorium on such construction last month. And it seems only fair that the construction be allowed to continue.

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The issue of telecommunication towers is one that will continue to rear its head until it’s addressed once and for all.

Aldermen need to quickly remove the moratorium on tower construction.

Whether you like the aesthetic quality of a telecommunications tower or not, the need for them in our community is real.

We’re living in a world that is increasingly dependent upon communication technology. From law enforcement officers and medical doctors to construction workers and teenagers, wireless communication is critical to our community now and in the future.

As time passes, the importance of these technologies becomes more and more apparent. And we believe Natchez aldermen and the planning commission can carefully mesh the old world charm that Natchez is famous for with emerging technologies its people want and need.

The aldermen need to develop an ordinance which protects the historic qualities of our city while freeing up the market to allow competition to take hold and bring wireless communication to each of our citizens.

We’re not suggesting the construction of communication towers in downtown or on the grounds of historic properties, but we must find a place for them. And soon.