Supervisors support legislation for radar devices for speeding

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 17, 2001

At the prompting of their state association, the Adams County Board of Supervisors went on record Tuesday supporting the use of radar devices to patrol speeding motorists.

&uot;This is something we are trying to support,&uot; said Supervisor Darryl Grennell. &uot;It’s just to control speeding as much as possible outside of the city limits on county roads.&uot;

Last week, at a conference of the Mississippi Association of Supervisors, all counties were asked to adopt resolutions to support such legislation.

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&uot;I’ve supported it for years,&uot;&160;said board President Sammy Cauthen, adding counties should at least be able to decide locally if they wanted to allow the use of radar.

Adams County Sheriff Tommy Ferrell said he has been fighting for this bill for the past 10 years. &uot;I can’t understand why the legislature won’t vote to allow us to have the proper tools to try to protect lives and property,&uot; Ferrell said.

Mississippi is one of the few states that does not allow the use of radar statewide.

&uot;We need to stop chaos and mayhem on the highway,&uot;&160;Ferrell said. &uot;It’s something that’s been needed for many years. The state of Mississippi leads the nation in fatalities on secondary roadways.&uot;

Only a few counties in Mississippi are allowed to use radar devices because of approved local and private legislation, Ferrell said.

In other business Tuesday, supervisors:

4Adjourned in memory of Harden Wallace, an esteemed member of the Natchez community who died last week, and in memory of Casey Schrock, a school-crossing guard who died after being struck by a car last week near Morgantown Elementary School.

4Heard a report from energy-savings contractor Johnson Controls about the cost of adding the the Juvenile Justice Center to Adams County’s energy saving plan.&160;The building is currently under construction.

4Voted to advertise for bids for gravel for the county road department.

4Heard a complaint from Ben Hammond about erosion problems at his property on 100 Coral Ave. and his difficulties in receiving help through Adams County and the Emergency Watershed Program coordinated by the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Supervisors passed a motion to contact the NRCS about this matter and the county’s inability to work on private property for legal reasons.

4Announced plans to meet with Gov. Ronnie Musgrove Feb. 1 to discuss economic development.