Post-inauguration a time to move on

Published 12:00 am Saturday, January 20, 2001

With one hand planted firmly atop the Bible and the other held high in the air, George W. Bush became the 43rd president of the United States Saturday. And with the occasion, the time for fussing and feuding is done. In what was the closest election in 124 years, divisiveness turned the end of the election rather ugly.

While the election hung undecided for five weeks, Americans got a lesson in how the U.S. Electoral College system works and perhaps more information about punch-card ballots and chads than most folks care to remember.

All of the election turmoil doesn’t matter now. It’s over, and it’s time for America to move ahead.

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Saturday’s ceremony proves that our system of government – while it may not be perfect – does work.

Our nation’s leadership peacefully transferred power from one administration to another – which is a feat that is only a dream for many, many nations of the world.

Today as the clean up begins after Saturday night’s inaugural balls and parties, the focus of the nation needs to be on moving ahead with the business of the country.

We hope that members of Congress – regardless of their political affiliation – will help keep a promise Bush made Saturday.

&uot;I’m here to tell the country that things will get done, that we’re going to rise above expectations, that both Republicans and Democrats will come together to do what’s right for America,&uot; Bush said.

We hope for the country’s sake those words ring true.