Aliens, falling cars delight bowl ad fans

Published 12:00 am Monday, January 29, 2001

Aliens saying &uot;whassup!&uot; and cars falling from trees won the annual battle of Super Bowl commercials Sunday, local residents said.

&uot;The only one that we really liked was the one with the dog and the alien,&uot; said Debra Bryan, referring to a Budweiser commercial that featured a dog which was picked up by a UFO and taken back to an alien planet. Once there, the dog shed its furry faux covering to reveal it was actually an alien. Apparently the only lesson the alien learned was how to say &uot;whassup!&uot; – a word featured prominently in previous Budweiser commercials. Bryan was watching the Super Bowl at Biscuits & Blues.

Many area viewers weren’t impressed with this year’s commercial take. Lots of viewers at Andrews Bar on Main Street, did not even watch the commercials, said Joe Fortenberry.

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&uot;Everybody was just looking at the ballgame,&uot; he said.

Dee Faircloth, football coach at Vidalia High School said his favorite commercial was the running of the squirrels – an ad for Electronic Data Systems poking fun at the annual running of the bulls ritual in Spain. Other than that, he was disappointed in this year’s commercials.

&uot;They usually come out with a blast,&uot; he said. &uot;I didn’t notice a lot of new ones that catch your eye.&uot;

Kathy Sizemore also said her favorite two commercials were the alien and the car falling out of the tree – a Volkswagon commercial in which two guys are shown throwing items into a tree until finally they break their Volkswagon free and it comes bouncing onto the ground.

Watching the commercials &uot;was better than the game because the game was pretty boring and we were pulling for the Giants,&uot; she said.