Sickout isn’t best way to solve teacher pay issue

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 1, 2001

This morning the school buses that normally dot the landscape in Concordia Parish again will remain idle. Normally when school is out it’s either for the summer break or for a holiday – most of which mark good, happy events in our lives.

Christmas, Thanksgiving, President’s Day – each conjures up happy memories.

But today the school buses remain idle out of anger and bitterness.

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Following the lead of many other teachers unions throughout the state, the Concordia Federation of Teachers held a sickout on Thursday that will continue today.

We don’t blame the teachers for being upset and angry.

They’ve been promised a raise for years, and we think they deserve one.

However, we are disappointed in the leaders of the Concordia Federation of Teachers – and other teacher unions throughout the state for letting the matter deteriorate into the current situation.

The reason teachers pay dues to the unions is to have the union represent them in such matters. Dragging the education system to a halt isn’t the proper avenue for the unions to pursue. Negotiating with legislators and the governor remains the best manner.

We realize the frustration felt by teachers who feel they’ve been led astray by legislators, but the political battle needs to take place in the bustling halls of the capitol and not in the vacant school buildings throughout Louisiana.