Deputy: Delivery man ran into trouble in Vidalia

Published 12:00 am Sunday, March 18, 2001

VIDALIA, La. – A Natchez resident employed with Sonny’s Pizza in Vidalia ran into some unexpected trouble delivering a pizza Friday night. Or it might be more accurate to say the trouble ran into him. After 9 p.m. Friday, Lamarcus L. Griffin, 18, was slowly driving his 1989 Oldsmobile on Airport Road with his bright lights, seeking an address on Ron Road, said Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Davis.

At the same time, Davis said, two suspects in a 1991 Dodge Dynasty drove up behind Griffin. Davis identified the suspects as Henry D. Walker Jr., 19, 930 Eagle Road, Vidalia, and Joshua Huffman, 20, 1307 North 5th St. Apt. 6, Ferriday. Two women were in the car with the suspects.

The suspects passed Griffin and, they told deputies, pumped their break lights so Griffin would turn off his bright lights, Davis said. Griffin then passed the suspects as he turned onto Ron Road, only to be passed again by the suspects. &uot;These suspects then blocked the road,&uot; Davis said.

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As Griffin began to back up, Davis said, deputies believe Huffman got out of his vehicle and began banging on Griffin’s car with a .22-caliber rifle, breaking the windshield and the driver’s side window.

At the same time, Walker began repeatedly hitting Griffin’s car, knocking it into a ditch, Davis said.

But unbeknownst to Griffin, he had stopped in front of the residence where he was supposed to be delivering the pizza, Davis said.

&uot;The guy who ordered the pizza ran to help the delivery guy,&uot; Davis said.

With a shovel in hand, the man who ordered the pizza got into a physical altercation with Huffman, but no one was injured, Davis said.

A neighbor called deputies to the scene at 9:38 p.m.

Deputies had to spend some time sorting out the story. &uot;It took us a while to get it all figured out,&uot; Davis said.

Walker and Huffman hid the gun under a utility building on Eagle Road where deputies later discovered it, Davis said.

Walker was charged with aggravated obstruction of a highway, assault with a firearm, hit and run, DUI and carrying an illegal weapon. Huffman was charged with aggravated battery, assault with a firearm. They were both being held without bond Saturday.