Betts overwhelms Nunnery in District 3 election

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 7, 2001

Vidalia voters chose Jon Betts by an overwhelming margin Saturday night as he garnered more than 70 percent of the vote and won the District 3 Alderman’s post.

Jon Betts beat his opponent, Kathy Nunnery, winning 73.5 percent of the vote.

&uot;I’m glad it’s over with,&uot; said Betts, immediately after the election returns were finalized Saturday night.

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Now that he has been elected, Betts said he plans to deal with the demands of public office as they come to him.

&uot;It’s going to be a learning process,&uot; Betts said.

Betts and Nunnery competed for a position left vacant when Alderman Bill Murray resigned in August to focus on his business and prepare to run for mayor in 2004.

Guylyn Boles has served as interim alderwoman.

Only 14 percent of Vidalia’s eligible District 3 voters cast ballots in the election.

Betts received 247 votes to Nunnery’s 89 votes or 26.49 percent.

Of the four precincts that participated in Saturday’s election, 336 of 2,083 registered voters cast ballots.

&uot;(We) didn’t get the turnout,&uot; Nunnery said. &uot;That’s what we needed.&uot;

Betts said he also thought the turnout out was low.

&uot;I think anytime there’s an election it ought to be higher,&uot; he said.

Now that he is elected, Betts said he wants to, keep an open-door policy with the public and do whatever he can to help the town.

Nunnery said she is still considering running again in three years and said she still plans to keep up with community events.

&uot;I’ll still continue to go to the (aldermen) meetings and keep up with everything that’s going on,&uot; Nunnery said.

Nunnery said she and Betts both ran a good race, and she appreciates the support she received.

&uot;I’m interested in seeing Vidalia move forward,&uot; she said.

The Vidalia alderman’s race was the only contested position decided Saturday.

Guy Lain, the interim mayor of Ridgecrest, and incumbent Ridgecrest aldermen James Cowan and Tony Whittington ran unopposed for their seats.