Line, texture, space fill Australian vistas

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 7, 2001

From the large cities of Melbourne and Sydney to the countryside surrounding the small towns in between, Australia is a constantly changing landscape of line, texture and color.

A young country, Autsralia is less the half the age of the United States. Founded in the late 19th Century, Australia is a country full of optimism and energy -&160;qualities reflected in the urban landscape.

From the powerful lines of the Australian Parliament Building in Canberra to the bold forms of the Sydney Opera House with the Harbour Bridge as a backdrop, Australia’s architecture is one of motion and vitality. Curves and angles dominate, drawing the visitor’s eye along the skyline.

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Outside the cities, the landscape slowly transforms into a vast open canvas waiting to painted with nature’s line and texture. What was dominated by powerful lines and form is now dominated by space.

Unlike the cities the Australian countryside is dominated by the horizon. The sky is big and overwhelming. Single elements, like trees and buildings become landmarks.

The energy and vitality of the city is replaced by silence and light.

Yet, from city to outback, Australia is a feast for the eye.

Editor’s note: Democrat photographer Ben Hillyer recently spent a month touring Australia as part of a Rotary International group study exchange program.