Community should keep chin up despite economy

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Natchez and Adams County received a dose of bad news Tuesday as Ethyl Petroleum Additives announced it will cease its Natchez plant at the end of May.

The bad news strikes a painful nerve in an already unstable local economy, but despite the unpleasant news we believe our area should keep its collective chin held high.

The loss of Ethyl hurts, as would the loss of Titan or International Paper or any other industry would. But regardless of what some economic naysayers would tell you, the sky isn’t falling.

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However, in situations such as this, some people invariably feel the need simply to lament the situation and continue to focus on the bad news.

Doing so doesn’t help the matter. In fact, it only makes things worse.

What’s needed right now is for the community to rally its forces, focus on what can be accomplished and move toward that goal in a positive, cooperative manner.

The focus needs to be on moving forward with changes to the Natchez-Adams County Economic and Community Development Authority and the search for its new executive director.

Making that a priority will do far more good than simply lamenting the current woes. Our economy will only stay on a downward trend if everyone gives up and lets that happen.

We urge local leaders and residents to remain positive about the economy and keep their heads held high.