Herndon:Christ got last word

Published 12:00 am Sunday, April 15, 2001

Jesus Christ was put down his entire life – until he rose from the dead, the Rev. James Herndon said Sunday morning.

On that morning &uot;God has the last word and I believe this morning that he still does,&uot; said the pastor of Jefferson Street Methodist Church.

This fact gives Christians hope for the future, he added.

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&uot;If we entrust our lives to God, God will see us through,&uot; Herndon said.

The church celebrated the resurrection by holding a community Easter sunrise service.

The service began on the steps of the Jefferson Street church but soon moved inside due to the threat of rain.

After moving inside, Herndon told the crowd that Jesus Christ was put down his entire life.

This included his birth in a stable, his persecution by King Herod and other leaders, his temptation in the desert, the ridicule he received from his own family and finally his crucifixion.

But the resurrection gave Jesus Christ the last word, and that still has meaning for Christians today, Herndon said.

It also sends a message about the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

Herndon said he had known people whose lives had been changed by the power of Jesus Christ symbolized in the resurrection.

&uot;From that day until this day people have been transformed by this same power – the power of the risen Christ,&uot; Herndon said.

&uot;The resurrection brings us hope that our lives matter.&uot;

It also gives a deeper meaning to life, Herndon said.

&uot;The resurrection gives us a reason to believe in life after death,&uot; Herndon said. &uot;It helps us live life at it’s best because we have the hope of something far better than what we experience now.&uot;

The resurrection of Jesus Christ also gives meaning to the future, Herndon said.

People often forget that God is in control no matter how bleak life may seem.

&uot;Here’s the good news – the future is in the hands of God,&uot; Herndon said. &uot;God is still in charge.&uot;