Rain leaves Miss-Lou a bit mushy

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 8, 2001

Brenda Washington easily summed up what happens to children stuck inside on a rainy day like Thursday.

&uot;They get a little louder,&uot; said the employee of Jacqueline’s Day Care in Natchez.

She admits it can be hard but she tries to put herself in the children’s shoes.

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&uot;We play a lot of games with (them),&uot; she said. &uot;Most of them want to go outside in the rain though.&uot;

As rain continued to fall over the Miss-Lou this week, local residents and children have had to deal with it with no sure end in sight.

Adams County Civil Defense Director George Souderes said the community remains under a flash flood watch until 4 p.m. Friday and more rain and thunderstorms are in the forecast for Friday and Saturday.

Often on days like this, children tend to draw pictures of themselves in the rain, said Pam McNeil, assistant director of First Presbyterian Play School.

But to ease the &uot;stir crazy&uot; feeling employees often allow the children to trade classrooms so they do not spend so much time in one place, she said.

&uot;We do have access to a large (indoor) play area and that helps a great deal,&uot; McNeil said.

And on the positive side, the rainy weather makes nap times easier &uot;because it’s so nice and dark.&uot;

The bad weather might also cast a gloom on upcoming sporting events this weekend.

Suzan Hogue, of the Natchez Community Tennis Association, said this weekend’s annual AmSouth Cancer Tennis Tournament would work around the weather.

&uot;If it does rain we’ll try to get in as much tennis as we can,&uot; Hogue said.

The tournament, which includes about 200 players from Mississippi and other states will not be called off.

&uot;We’re staying optimistic and hoping it will work out,&uot; Houge said.

In case of rain, the tournament participants have a number of social activities they can attend regardless of the weather, she said.

Clarence Bowlin, president of Dixie Youth League, said the weather has already caused teams to miss games on Monday and Tuesday &uot;but whatever happens we’ll take care of it.&uot;

The teams usually play on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but because of the rain they might also play games over the weekend and Wednesday, he said.

&uot;(The) weather doesn’t bother us,&uot; he said.

Even if the games do not count in a tournament, none of them will be canceled, he said.

The idea is for the teams to have fun and play all the games included in the season.

&uot;We want to play baseball,&uot; Bowlin said. &uot;We don’t care who wins.&uot;

League volunteers also spent time Thursday trying to clean fields for games that night, Bowlin said.