Ohio board passes Davis over

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 16, 2001

Lorian City Schools did not pick Natchez-Adams Superintendent Dr. Carl Davis to lead its school system into the future.

Instead it picked Delores &uot;Dee&uot; Morgan, the current deputy superintendent for academic achievement for Ohio’s Columbus Public Schools.

Davis’ only comment was to say he was not disappointed and that he was happy for Lorian, Ohio.

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&uot;I don’t know Dee (Morgan), but I feel like that board picked the person that could answer their needs,&uot; he said.

Davis interviewed in Ohio Monday after being named one of five finalists.

The number later dropped to four after one of the candidates received another offer prior to being interviewed, said Keith Lilly, school board president for Lorian City Schools.

&uot;Dee Morgan was the unanimous opinion of the board when we met without any reservations or questions,&uot; Lilly said.

The public committee that spoke with her also overwhelmingly supported, Lilly said. She was also liked for her urban district experience, Lilly said.

This search marked the second time this year Davis had been named as a finalist.

He interviewed with the Vicksburg-Warren School District in March but redrew his name before a selection was announced.

Despite the interviews, Davis said he does not want to leave Natchez but he also wants security.

&uot;I have a job that I love and I’d like to stay in this position,&uot; Davis said. &uot;I’ve put two and a half years here. We’ve made a lot of gains.&uot;

It also takes more time to see change and improvements, he said.

&uot;It takes about five years to take a district … turn it around have it focused and headed in the right direction,&uot; he said.

Davis earns about $95,000 a year and his contract with the Natchez-Adams School District expires next summer.

With that in mind, Davis said he would like the Natchez-Adams School Board to talk with him about his future contract this summer instead of waiting to during the school year.

&uot;I just don’t want to get into a negotiation type thing or a discussion in the middle of the year that takes (me) away from my purpose for being here,&uot; Davis said.

Based on national trends, Davis said he doubted the school board could hire a replacement for him at his salary.

He also said he has received calls from many headhunters and search firms in the past six months. He said he was not going to be looking for jobs across the county but he cannot promise not to consider them at this time.

&uot;But If I have security here there’s no need to look. (The calls) could all be stopped. The community has the ability to do it. The board has the ability to do it,&uot; Davis said. &uot;If I’m given an extension on my contract I’ll turn them down in a second.&uot;

Kenneth Taylor, school board president, said he had never took Davis interview in Ohio in a serious light.

&uot;He’s always going to be pursued by other districts as long as he’s known to do a good job,&uot; Taylor said.

At this time, the board members have not discussed how they will handle contract negotiations with Davis, Taylor said.