School board members quiet about executive action decision

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 16, 2001

School board members were mum Friday on their decision to hold the outcome of votes made in executive session until they appear in the minutes.

Kenneth Taylor, school board president, said, &uot;we have the right to do it&uot; because the option was legal.

&uot;I’m just not going to comment on that,&uot; Taylor said. &uot;It was the decision of the board in executive session.&uot;

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Board member Camille Jackson described it as just as option allowed by the law.

&uot;The board just decided to go with that option at this time,&uot; she said.

Avery Lee, special assistant attorney general with the Mississippi Department of Education, agreed with the school board members about their options.

&uot;A board is not legally required to speak or make known actions taken in executive session,&uot; Lee said. &uot;There’s nothing that prevents them from sharing the information … but that’s their prerogative.&uot;

The only legal requirement is that the board must have the minutes available in no more than 30 days, she said.

Superintendent Dr. Carl Davis said the decision on the issue developed during Thursday’s executive session.

&uot;It’s just something somebody started discussing,&uot; he said.

Afterwards, they decided that is what they wanted to do, he said.

The difference for the public will be the format and the timing in which they receive the information.

&uot;I think (it’s) just a different way of presenting the information that’s going to be shared anyway,&uot; Davis said.

Board members Craig Langnes and Dr. Norris Edney could not be reached for comment Friday.

Board member Don Marion was not present during Thursday’s executive session.