Shook takes pride in convention center

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 19, 2001

The office of Robert Shook, project manager for Carothers Construction at the Natchez Convention Center, looks much like any office at a building site. Hard hats in the window, work boots in the corner and maps and plans on the walls.

But two things stand out: The British flag on the bulletin board and the signed baseball that rests on the perfume bottle Shook found at a construction site in Oxford, Miss.

Although Shook now lives in Huntsville, Ala., the flag is a reminder of his roots in London, England. And the signed baseball?

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He laughed. &uot;It’s actually signed by all my friends.&uot;

The ball comes from Shook’s days of playing semi-pro baseball in North Alabama and Tennessee.

&uot;This is what I really use it for,&uot; he said, tossing it up and down, &uot;while I’m taking a break or making a call.&uot;

But Shook does more than make pone calls. Shook coordinates the tradesmen who are working on the convention center with the engineers and planners to make sure everyone is satisfied.

&uot;My job as construction manager is to make sure the owner gets exactly what he pays for,&uot; Shook said.

Shook also takes a personal interest in the convention center’s outcome. &uot;It’s a matter of pride and accomplishment. I think this is going to be one beautiful building.&uot;

But Shook is quick to share the credit for the finished product. &uot;It takes hundreds to do it, and hundreds more you never see.&uot;

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