Minor wants change of venue in Anna Blank murder trial

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, June 26, 2001

An Adams County resident charged as an accessory in the murder of Anna Loftin Blank of Woodville is seeking a change of venue for his trial.

Liondell Minor, of 99 Old Meadow Road, had originally been set to stand trial today for his involvement in the January 15 shooting.

An Adams County jury found his brother, Aldrick Minor, 20, also of 99 Old Meadow Road, guilty of murdering Blank last Wednesday. As standard under the law, he was sentenced to life in prison.

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&uot;(There’s) been an excessive amount of media coverage (on) his brother’s trial,&uot; said Wanda Williams, Liondell Minor’s attorney.

Williams said she was also concerned that Minor continued to be held on a $150,000 bond.

&uot;It would help for him to be free (to) prepare for trial,&uot; said Williams who wants to make sure her client is treated fairly. &uot;Ultimately that’s the bottom line – (to) protect his rights.&uot;

Minor’s trial has been postponed but Adams County Circuit Judge Forrest &uot;Al&uot; Johnson has not yet granted the change of venue.

&uot;The motion’s been filed, and we’re awaiting the judges’ decision on that,&uot; said District Attorney Ronnie Harper.

During last week’s trial, Liondell Minor was called by the state to testify.

But while he was on the stand, he pleaded the Sixth Amendment several times and eventually pleaded the Fifth Amendment. Johnson then decided not to allow the attorneys to continue their questioning.

Blank’s body was found the next morning in her car parked about 50 yards from the party at 89 East Wilderness Road.

Police believe Liondell Minor drove by and picked up his brother after the shooting.