New EDA leader must possess many qualities

Published 12:00 am Friday, June 29, 2001

Experience. Strong people skills. Political acumen. A positive attitude. Integrity.

The next director of the Natchez-Adams County Economic Development Authority must possess each of those characteristics, and more.

He, or she, should have proven success in creating jobs; a track record of creating an industrial park; the ability to shape a community’s vision and help lead the community toward that vision; and, the self-assuredness that comes from competence and confidence.

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The list, compiled as a result of a consultant’s interviews with supervisors, aldermen and EDA leaders, sketches the personality of a winner – exactly the type of person we need to lead our economic development efforts.

When consultant John Lovorn of The Pace Group presented the results of his survey to officials on Thursday, officials found no surprises. Instead, they found a sense of optimism and confidence – confidence that the process they’re a part of now will yield the results we all desire; confidence that, with the Pace Group’s help and the leadership of the new EDA board, Natchez and Adams County will find success in it’s economic development efforts.

We share that sense of optimism. The Pace Group’s consensus-building efforts are helping local leaders put into words and a plan their vision for economic development. And, by clearing defining what we’re seeking we take an important first step toward success.

Our next opportunity lies is selecting the right leader, in matching our list of expectations with an individual’s desire to come to Natchez and Adams County and to make a difference in this community.

The path ahead is filled with excitement and possibilities. Most exciting, however, is the realization that we as a community seem to be walking down the path together, towards the same goal.