Remember true meaning of holiday

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 4, 2001

Today we celebrate our independence. Flags will fly all across the country as Americans spend today stuffing their bellies and enjoying time with family and friends.

And through all of the hamburgers and hotdogs that will be consumed is a flicker of patriotism.

Sometimes it’s easy to miss the purpose of today. We often get wrapped up in family get-togethers and social events and forget the true meaning of today.

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It was 225 years ago today some of founding fathers took a huge step&160;- one that took great bravery and a sense of purpose.

With the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, the colonists changed the world forever.

Since that time, America has grown from small colony roots to become the superpower it is today.

As we pause today to celebrate the Fourth of July, we must remember the men and women who risked all to make our nation become a reality.

From the colonists who put everything they had on the line with the simple, but powerful Declaration of Independence to the soldiers who fought in all of the many wars and conflicts, we owe them all our thanks.

America is a wonderful nation. No other nation even comes close the offering the freedom, the liberty or the lifestyle which we enjoy each day.

Spend a moment today to be thankful for what we have in America. And parents, teach your children the importance of keeping America free and united.