Job at hotel nothing but details for Reese

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, July 17, 2001

Joannie Reese never thought of herself as a detail person until she applied for a job at the Radisson Natchez Eola Hotel. Now, as inspectress of the hotel, Reese’s job is nothing but details.

Most mornings, hotel guests can find inspectress Reese darting in and out of rooms with a look of determination in her eyes.

But, Reese isn’t looking for clues to some great unsolved mystery. Reese’s only concern is making certain hotel guests are happy and content.

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Eight months ago, Reese had just moved to the area from northeast Arkansas with her husband and children. Looking for a job, Reese discovered through her sister-in-law that the Eola was looking for an inspectress.

&uot;I had worked in factories all my life,&uot; Reese said. &uot;I didn’t know anything about being an inspectress.&uot;

With encouragement from her sister-in-law, Reese applied for and was subsequently offered the position.

Ever since, Reese’s mornings have been filled with attending to the details. As inspectress, Reese ensures that each hotel room meets the hotel’s standards.

From checking to see that the bathrooms are spotless to making sure each room has the required number of towels and coat hangars, Reese follows behind the hotel housekeeping staff ensuring the best experience for hotel guests.

&uot;I even check the light bulbs for dust,&uot; Reese said.

Reese likes to think of the housekeeping staff as a team working together to make guests happy. In fact, the housekeepers encourage her to check to make sure the rooms are clean, Reese said.

&uot;Everybody leaves something,&uot; Reese said. &uot;Nobody’s perfect.&uot;

But by looking under the beds and behind the doors, checking to see that the television works and the coffee pot is clean, Reese is one step closer to ensuring that guests’ stays are nothing less than perfect.

&uot;It’s like detailing a car,’ said Reese. &uot;You want your car to be perfect.

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