Filling EDA vacancy is an important decision

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 22, 2001

Normally people charged with recruiting new businesses to the area do so by going out into the world meeting people and telling everyone they meet about the wonderful community in which they live.

It’s the typical way to meet, greet and recruit potential industry.

However, Friday wasn’t a typical day in Natchez and Adams County.

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Members of the Natchez-Adams County Economic and Community Development Authority stayed huddled indoors most of the day keeping busy – and for good reason.

On Friday, members of the EDA’s executive board interviewed five candidates for the authority’s vacant executive director post.

The five candidates were selected with the help of EDA consultant John Lovorn with the Pace Group in Tupelo.

Filling the position is easily one of the most important decisions facing our area.

The position has been unfilled for entirely too long and, as a result, our area’s economic development has suffered.

The business of economic development is a tough one and one that requires the absolute best leadership available.

As soon as the candidate is hired and begins leading the team, the EDA will again begin firing on all eight cylinders.

We’re confident the executive board will set all bias aside and select the best candidate for the position.

And we can’t wait until we can begin moving the EDA ahead.

One thing to remember – success for Natchez-Adams County will be measured not in days, but likely months and years to come. Our new board understands that and yet remains committed to pushing ahead as quickly as possible. We would do well to support them.