Employees at local Pizza Hut are ‘just like a little family,’ manager says

Published 12:00 am Monday, July 30, 2001

In a matter of minutes, dough is prepared, sauce and toppings are added and another pizza is on its way to the oven.

It’s a ritual that employees at Pizza Hut North say they do hundreds of times a day often going through 2,500 pepperonis daily.

&uot;Trying to please everybody,&uot; said shift manager, LaShanda Jackson, when asked the most challenging part of her job. &uot;Making sure everything is done up to Pizza Hut standards and all the customers are happy. Other than that, it’s really an easy job.&uot;

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The Dart found Jackson and her fellow employees doing just that job Sunday afternoon.

The secret to a great pizza is quite simple and requires using the correct cups and measurements for toppings, Jackson said.

&uot;When you use too much of something it’s not good,&uot; Jackson said.

Depending on the type of pizza, the employees follow guidelines for the amount of sauce and arrangement of the toppings

They also use what is called a &uot;quality ring&uot; that dictates the outer limits of the tomato sauce on the uncooked dough.

&uot;(The quality ring) makes sure you have an inch of golden crust,&uot; Jackson said.

Of all the varieties of pizza sold at the D’Evereux Drive business, Jackson said meat lovers’ pizzas topped with pepperoni, Italian sausage, pork sausage, beef and bacon bits, are the biggest sellers.

What makes the job great is the employees, Jackson said.

&uot;Everybody knows everybody and we’re just like a little family,&uot; Jackson said.

Because of the time involved in making a pizza – about 20 minutes from the time of the order to the finished product -customers often wish their food could be prepared faster.

&uot;They think it should come out like a hamburger – like it’s fast food,&uot; Jackson said. &uot;They don’t realize it’s a restaurant and it takes a little time.&uot;

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