Ott, Carruth will debut on WQNZ on Monday

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 5, 2001

The Miss-Lou will get a chance to listen to a new voice in the conservation and outdoors arena starting Monday night.

&uot;Listen to the Eagle,&uot; featuring Paul Ott and his daughter Carla Carruth, will debut on WQNZ-95.1FM Monday night from 6-8 p.m. The show discusses all types of issues, from conservation to hunting and fishing to hot political issues that affect outdoorsmen. The show will air every Monday night on the 100,000-watt station.

&uot;It’s something so different, and it’s exciting to have Natchez,&uot; said Ott. &uot;We have not been able to get Natchez, Woodville, Port Gibson.&uot;

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Ott has done the show for five years, which is based out of Jackson. Carruth joined her father three years ago. The show has more than 25 radio station affiliates across Mississippi. Ott and Carruth wish to build a national network one day, but they’re concentrating on reaching all of Mississippi first.

Securing WQNZ as a station – and KBYO-104.9FM in Vicksburg – helps Ott’s show reach listeners in Louisiana. Ott said that’s important, especially now, considering the bickering Mississippi and Louisiana have gotten into over hunting and fishing licenses. It’s a topic that Ott is tackling, as he hopes bringing officials from both states on the show will solve the problem.

Ott and Carruth discuss any issues that callers bring up. &uot;The callers set the pace of the show,&uot; Ott said.




Ott and Carruth encourage callers to report on conservation, hunting and fishing activities in their area. By doing so, people from the other parts of the state can add information, give tips or offer solutions to problems.

&uot;We want people to report what’s happening,&uot; Ott said. &uot;If there’s a problem, it’s nice to have a couple hundred thousand people to help out.&uot;

People can also listen to show on the Internet at