Learning the basics of bowhunting

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 12, 2001

For three days last week, more than 10 hunters gathered at the Adams County Extension Building for a bowhunting class. Students learned the basics of hunting with a bow and arrow, such as how to shoot the bow properly, what the best types of bows and arrows to use and how to track a deer’s blood trail.

&uot;It mainly teaches you to become proficient enough with a bow,&uot; said Byron Garrity, who helped to teach the course with Jack Kerwin and Don Brasier.

Over Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week, the three instructors used hands-on exhibits and educational videos to teach students the basics of bowhunting. Any person who wishes to use a bow for hunting must take the class, which is free of charge. Archery season for big-game begins Oct. 1.

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Besides teaching the how-tos of using the bow, Garrity, Kerwin and Brasier emphasized safety above all else. Nearly every piece of subject matter discussed had a lesson about safety.

&uot;We know the course is working because the statistics are in our favor,&uot; Garrity said. &uot;We’ve seen a drop in accidents and fatalities as a result of the course.&uot;

Garrity also said the instructors focus on how important safety is because &uot;the skill level is much higher&uot; than gun hunting.

Thursday’s class focused on safety statistics. Friday’s class concentrated more on bowhunting techniques with instruction and videos.

Saturday’s class took place in the field, with students being able to sling an arrow or two at the range.

Garrity also set up a fake blood trail to demonstrate how to correctly follow the wounded deer after it’s hit.