Pair work to make March of Dimes a success

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 24, 2001

Veronica Boren practically glows as she talks about her work with the March of Dimes.

&uot;The March of Dimes has a special place in my heart because I had two premature babies that benefited from March of Dimes advances,&uot; Boren said.

That’s why Boren is serving as the co-chairman for this year’s fifth annual March of Dimes River Cities Walk America 2001. She has been involved with local the event since its beginning in 1997.

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Jennifer Brixey is co-chairman for the march. &uot;It’s a cause that does not receive as much recognition in this area,&uot; she said.

With advancements such as the polio vaccine and the discovery that folic acid prevents certain birth defects, all babies benefit from March of Dimes research, Brixey said.

&uot;Every family has children more often than not, and every child is going to be affected by something the March of Dimes has developed for them,&uot; she said.

In Boren’s case that development was a drug called surfactant.

&uot;It’s like a lubricant that keeps your lungs from sticking together when they’re deflated,&uot; Boren said.

When her son Matthew was born seven weeks premature, his lungs needed that drug for him to survive.

&uot;Surfactant therapy saved his life,&uot; Boren said. &uot;He was one of the first babies in Louisiana to receive the drug.&uot;

Her second child, Brittany, had to spend 11 days in the neo-natal ICU at Natchez Regional Medical Center because she was born five weeks premature.

That was possible because the March of Dimes provided money to establish neo-natal ICU’s in rural hospitals, Boren said.

&uot;So she was able to be born in Natchez rather than Alexandria,&uot; Boren said.

Today Boren’s children, now 12 and 3 are both healthy.

&uot;If you could see my children you would know why I’m a fan of the March of Dimes,&uot; Boren said.

The March of Dimes River Cities Walk America will take place on Oct. 27 in downtown Vidalia. It raised more than $15,000 last year and has set a goal of $18,000 this year. Anyone interested in participated in this year’s event or forming a team can contact Brixey at 336-7173 or Boren at 318-757-6551 ext. 389.