Recreation complex will take ‘team’ effort

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 31, 2001

Natchez and Adams County leaders took another leap forward Wednesday in the move to bring a joint recreation project to the area.

The city aldermen and county supervisors met with officials of the Natchez-Adams School District to discuss the creation of a council to oversee the St. Catherine Creek Recreational Complex, known locally as the beanfield project.

The council will consist of the presidents of the three boards and two other members of each board. The council will be charged with developing a specific plan for the complex and detailing the programs the boards hope to develop.

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Eventually the hope is the facilities and the programs operated there will be managed by a joint countywide recreation council. Members will be appointed by the city, county and school district.

In addition the three groups discussed longterm plans which will ultimately include some form of tax increase.

At that point, the residents of Natchez and Adams County will be forced to put their money where their recreation is.

For too long, recreation has been the stepchild, so to speak, in our area. People from all races, ages and backgrounds equally benefit from recreation in our area.

And that recreation will come at a cost. Although the actual amount of the tax increase necessary to build the facility has yet to be determined, it’s time the community steps up to the plate.

The recreational complex looks to be a home run, but it will take a team effort on the part of the community to make it happen.