Program’s success helps battle area drug abuse

Published 12:00 am Saturday, November 24, 2001

Saturday, November 24, 2001

The Natchez Democrat

Ask any law enforcement officer what the single biggest crime

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problem facing our area is and most are quick to say drug and

alcohol abuse.

Both are often contributing factors in all sorts of crimes

– robbery, domestic violence, child neglect, assault and more.

And often it is friends and family of the abused or innocent

strangers who feel the consequences.

We’ve seen an increase in awareness of the dangers of drinking

and driving, but what about the dangers of drinking excessively

and being a daddy or a husband?

Each can be equally devastating to a family.

Fortunately, a program in Adams County is taking aim on the

project, and judging by its first year of existence, the program

is working.

The Alcohol Chemical Treatment Series (A.C.T.S.) held each

Sunday at the First United Pentecostal Church on U.S. 61 North

is changing lives.

Though sponsored by the United Pentecostal Church, the faith-based

program doesn’t delve into teaching church doctrine, instead focusing

on stopping the addiction.

And the court system, which deals with the end results of the

addiction, firmly supports the program. Both Circuit Judge Forrest

&uot;Al&uot; Johnson and Adams County Youth Court Judge John

Hudson are among the court personnel encouraging addicts to attend

the program.

Through its work, the program is slowly, but surely, making

a dent in the problem of drug and alcohol abuse in our area. Even

one person at a time, the battle against substance abuse must

continue, and the A.C.T.S program is doing an excellent job leading

the charge.