City officials explain $16,500 in pay raises to Tipton since his hire

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 7, 2001

NATCHEZ – A $10,000 raise Tourism Director Walter Tipton received last month was in the works from the time he was first hired three and a half years ago, city officials said.

&uot;From my understanding, that was something he was promised when he came to work for the city,&uot; said City Clerk Donnie Holloway.

&uot;I was led to believe that if things worked out&uot; the raise would be given, Tipton said.

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Tipton confirmed that his salary was raised from $42,000 to $48,500 after his first year with the city. It was raised to $58,500 last month.

But both Holloway and Tipton himself noted that Tipton wears many hats. &uot;He’s taken on more responsibilities, especially with the Convention Center being built,&uot; Holloway said.

He serves as Convention and Visitors Bureau director, City of Natchez tourism director and manager of the Natchez Convention Center, which is now being built.

&uot;We’ve had a lot of (tourism) infrastructure changes since I first came here,&uot; Tipton said.

Those include construction of the city’s convention center and community center and renovations to the city auditorium, he said.

&uot;There are other CVB directors in this state who are making more money that don’t have all those responsibilities,&uot; Tipton said.

In giving the raise, &uot;I believe the city is making the right move – increasing my pay incrementally versus going in and hiring another director at a higher rate of pay,&uot; Tipton said.

Tipton was actually one of two city directors or elected officials who received raises this year, according to figures obtained from the city.

In a Sept. 12 article, it was noted that the Natchez Board of Aldermen voted the previous day to raise Municipal Judge John Tipton’s salary from $54,000 to $60,000 a year.