Saints: The biggest, best story

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 10, 2001

Finding something to write a column about on a weekly basis isn’t as easy as one might think.

There is always something going on at my house; with three kids, life is never very calm. But they don’t always want me to share their coming and goings.

Then of course there is the occasional controversy in Adams County, but I try not to be too political in my column, I find it best to leave that to the editorial board of The Democrat.

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So let’s see, that leaves the search for good news that will make everyone happy.

This week I didn’t have to look very hard. How could I not write about the big win this past Saturday by the Trinity Saints football team?

I was one of the naysayers at the beginning of the football season. I mean, I knew the team contained some talented athletes, but let’s face it, there weren’t many big guys on the team.

And as for numbers, well, let’s just say I heard a parent only half jokingly say once that Coach David King should dress out all the junior high football team so we would have a full sideline.

And so the year began, and Friday night after Friday night the Trinity Saints kept winning, and Coach King kept smiling. An injury here and there, a miscue once or twice, but the yards kept adding up and scoreboard kept reflecting a win for Trinity.

The night I can remember seeing the team low was on homecoming when they posted a loss, but low was not the same as defeated.

As the season wore on and the team fought off discouragement, sore muscles and fatigue, it finally occurred to me what had happened here.

No one told the team that they were smaller in size than the other teams; no one told them that they were supposed to be discouraged that there were very few subs to run into the game; and no one told them they were the underdogs.

What we began to see was a team that never quit, that played until the end of the last buzzer, who played every down of a game as if it were the tie-breaker.

We began to see what the meaning of heart was, what the meaning of team spirit was and true leadership ability became clear in many young men.

There would be no way to write a column about Trinity football without mentioning senior quarterback Chad Ridley.

I have had the good fortune to know Ridley and his family for several years. I have been on youth group trips with him, encountered him in my dining room studying with my daughter, Holly and others.

And I can pay him no higher compliment than this: He is a well-raised young man, and he makes his mama proud. The smile on mom Caroline Ridley’s face is well-deserved.

Congratulations to Coach King, the other coaches, and the entire team. You are a credit to sportsmanship and never-say-die attitude.

Christina Hall writes a column for The Natchez Democrat. She can be reached at