Getting Help

Published 12:00 am Sunday, December 16, 2001

For those who want help in getting child support payments, here is information from the Mississippi Department of Human Services, where the child support enforcement office pledges this goal: &uot;To provide child support services to ensure that children receive financial aid and emotional support from both parents and empower families to become self-sufficient.&uot;


If paternity is in doubt, it is important to establish it. That can happen through voluntary acknowledgement or through court proceedings. Why is it important?

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Identity: The child should know who he or she is and feel the sense of belonging that knowing both parents brings.

Medical history. A child should know about any diseases or birth defects that could have been inherited.

Benefits. A child should be able to benefit from both parents, having the right to possible proceeds from Social Security, medical and life insurance and veteran’s benefits.

Support. A child has the right to food, clothing and a home. These can be best supplied when both parents are involved.

Why child support programs

States are required under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act and the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity reconciliation Act of 1996 to establish and operate a child support enforcement program. The program is dedicated to locating noncustodial parents, establishing paternity when necessary, obtaining court orders for support and enforcing those orders, collecting and distributing support payments and working with child support programs in other states to collect child support.

How to apply for services

Call or visit your local county child support office. In Natchez, it is at 150 E. Franklin St. In Concordia Parish, it is at 4001 Carter St.

Length of time for payments

In Mississippi, child support is paid until a child reaches age 21.

How payment is taken

Income withholding

Tax offset intercept

Unemployment intercept

Enforcement methods

Contempt action

Credit Bureau reporting

License suspension

Passport revocation

Court ordered employment