Hydroelectric pays almost $2.9M in tax

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 19, 2001

VIDALIA, La. – Louisiana Hydroelectric’s first ad valorem tax payment will be paid later this week – to the tune of $2,885,075, an official with the partnership said Wednesday.

Louisiana Hydroelectric Limited Partnership operates the Sidney A. Murray Hydroelectric Plant in south Concordia Parish.

The plant, online since 1990, was placed on the parish’s tax rolls in December 2000, which meant it owed its first taxes by the end of this year.

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Hydroelectric officials presented a symbolic check to Concordia Parish officials in a Tuesday ceremony held to mark the adding of the partnership to the parish’s tax rolls.

&uot;But (the taxes) will actually be paid later this week,&uot; said Ralph Laukhuff, manager of corporate relations for the partnership.

Sheriff Randy Maxwell thanked Murray, a former Vidalia mayor who was instrumental in starting the plant, and Hydroelectric officials Laukhuff, Carl Pennington and Sylvan Gremillion.

&uot;Louisiana Hydroelectric has been a great corporate citizen,&uot; Maxwell said. &uot;Their addition to the local tax rolls is a boost to our local economy.

&uot;As Concordia Parish tax collector, I look forward to continue working with this company that adds so much to improve our parish,&uot; he added.

Of taxes the partnership pays later this week, the following amounts will go to parish agencies, according to Tax Assessor Monelle Moseley:

4$765,735 to the Concordia Parish School District, not including $361,852 for construction of new school classrooms.

But Superintendent Lester &uot;Pete&uot; Peterman said it is best to conservatively estimate revenues until district officials see how much the total tax revenues will be.

&uot;The hydro could make their tax payments but someone else might not,&uot; Peterman said. &uot;It’s best to wait and see.&uot;

But additional revenues would help the district with infrastructure improvements and funding a $500 bonus due to employees in May, Peterman said.

4$685,292 to the Concordia Parish Police Jury.

&uot;But only about $68,000 of that goes to the Police Jury general fund,&uot; said Russell Wagoner, secretary of the Police Jury. Most of that money will go to buy tractors and a pickup truck for the jury’s Public Works Department.

&uot;I don’t know how to put in words what this means to the parish,&uot; said Charlie Blaney, president of the Police Jury. &uot;We’ve been strapped for funds ever since I got on the jury.

&uot;Now we’ll be able to open ditches and keep grass cut better, and we’ll be able to do more repairs around the courthouse.&uot;

The rest goes to the following Police Jury funds: drainage and public buildings, $276,000; library, $235,000; Tax Assessor’s Office, $83,000; and health unit, $22,000.

4$573,953 to the Concordia Parish Sheriff’s Office.

4$107,442 to the Levee Board.

4$101,339 to Recreation District No. 3.

4$83,504 to Concordia Fire District No. 2, not including $193,173 for maintenance.

In addition, $2,783 in fees goes to the Louisiana Tax Commission, Moseley said.