Christmas list is a little long this season

Published 12:00 am Friday, December 21, 2001

Thoughts whizzing about whilst I contemplate my holiday in sunny Florida …


As the 2001 Yule approaches, I have a big Christmas wish list this year, both for myself and for the readers of the Miss-Lou.

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Some of these wishes I may get and others, well, maybe next year.

4For example, it would have been nice to go to a bowl game this year that actually featured a team from Mississippi. I guess I’ll settle for those Tigers to the south on New Year’s Day. While were on bowl games, can we get some of those that end a bit earlier? It makes for a happier pressroom.

4For David Cutcliffe, Jeff Bower and Jackie Sherrill, I wish for better finishes in 2002.

4Getting rid of the BCS would also be nice, but there again, I won’t hold my breath that St. Nick brings that one.

4A happier locker room in New Orleans is also high on the list, because let’s face it, those guys are much easier to talk to when they win.

4Coming up with a good outdoors story each week – without it being a struggle – is also a hope for the future.

4Having a reason to go to the Big House in Jackson this coming year will make for a fine March. Speaking of Marches, the one the Mississippi State basketball Bulldogs are on is pretty impressive. Let’s see how long that one lasts.

4More help for myself and Mr. Jones, Santa, if you’re listening, a sports editor would be a huge boost for us.

Nothing too fancy, just someone with a little experience, a passion for local sports and really good at forking out pages.

4For all the football coaches I had the privilege of breaking bread with Wednesday night, more success in the coming year. Adams County should always more than one team make the postseason. There’s simply too much athletic talent walking around the halls of these schools.

4Less ugliness like we had in the local stands this year.

4Local games called in with greater frequency. That goes for you outer-area schools, too.

4A Southwestern Athletic Conference Tournament Championship and NCAA Tournament bid in legendary Alcorn State coach David Whitney’s swan song season.

4A Super Bowl to remember, since it’s in the Crescent City. That means no blowouts! Do you hear me, Rams?

4Less bottles on football fields (It looks like I’ll be getting that one).

4A new r\u00E9sum\u00E9 for George O’Leary.

4Let me get a chance to make it up to Memphis to see Michael Jordan one more time before he jumps back into retirement.

4A new contract extension for a class act in Braves football coach Johnny Thomas. He deserves it after what he did with what he had this year. (Hey, it looks promising for that one, too.)

4Please let them catch Osama Bin Laden, so I don’t have to hear that awful name again.

4And above all, let us never forget what the events of this fall have taught us, regarding the true importance and place sports has in everyday life.

Have a cool Yule and safe and great New Year!

Richard Dark is a sportswriter for The Natchez Democrat. You can reach him at 445-3633 or e-mail him at