Charitable agencies need your assistance

Published 12:00 am Friday, May 24, 2002

As the remaining days of the year wind down, most of us are rushing about finishing all of those last-minute holiday tasks.

Unfortunately, as the season’s fervor fills our days with events and planning and other necessary duties, many of us forget something extremely important – giving back.

Faced with an already uncertain economy, local charitable organizations report lower-than-usual earnings so far this holiday season.

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And those low collections will not only cause an immediate pain, but will be felt for many months to come.

Many of the organizations use the holidays as their peak times. This is the make-or-break time for many.

The funding the agencies receive now must tide them over for the entire year.

Organizers of most of our local agencies are excellent at squeezing every ounce of use out of each penny they receive. Basically, many charities live on a narrow budget between nothing and next to nothing.

So when they find their funding coming up short, it is particularly painful.

Many agencies receive little to no outside funding, only what is provided by those who can make contributions from within the Miss-Lou.

As difficult as it may be, please take a few minutes out of your day to give – money, goods or time – to one of local charitable organizations.

You’re contributions could make the Christmas season a little more bright for your community.

And nothing is more rewarding than giving – especially when you know the money is helping your own community.