Start a new week

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 28, 2002

on a good news note

By The Democrat

Good morning and good Monday. As we begin another week, we pause to remember some of the good news from our community last week.

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4The Minorville Jubilee celebrated its 11th year of bringing together residents to honor the history of Minorville and provide an opportunity for fellowship in a family atmosphere.

Perhaps Justice Court Judge Mary Toles summed up the spirit of the day best.

&uot;Some say Minorville is a group of houses or plots of land. Some say it’s an attitude of care, of concern, a way of doing things. I say Minorville is all of you together.&uot;

4Sharp eyes and quick wits helped narcotics agents nab two suspected drug dealers this week. The bust was among the biggest single cash seizures in the history of the Natchez-Adams County Metro Narcotics Task Force. Their work hauled in $38,000 in cash, a brick of cocaine valued at $59,000 and a handgun. It was all in a days work for the agents, but proof that they are needed now more than ever.

4Natchez officials headed to Jackson to collect a statewide award. Natchez was one of six cities recognized with Communities of Excellence awards. Natchez earned the award for the creation of the Sprayground at North Natchez Park. Hats off to Natchez Recreation Director Ralph Tedder and his staff and the city public works crews for developing the site. The Spraygrounds helped fill the void left after the pool at Duncan Park proved to expensive to repair.

4Vidalia’s singing sensation, the Morace family is continuing to make a name for itself. And in the process, singing the praises of the Miss-Lou. Their wholesome work recently earned a special designation from the Louisiana Division of the Arts.

We hope your week is filled with good news for you and your family.