Attempted meeting may signal trouble

Published 12:00 am Thursday, August 1, 2002

Talk about giving a poor first impression. The newest member of the Natchez Convention and Promotion Commission received an ugly dose of reality Wednesday.

After showing up eager to volunteer her time for the betterment of Natchez tourism, Mimi Hinson had to be at least a bit disappointed by what she found.

First, the group didn’t have a quorum, enough members to actually hold a meeting. We understand that from time to time individual commissioners &045;&045; especially given their voluntary status &045;&045; will need to be absent. But shouldn’t someone be responsible for calling around and checking to see if a quorum would be formed?

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To compound the lack of members present, apparently some members were confused about the exact location of the meeting. This is basic stuff and shows poor planning on someone’s part.

Hinson’s second shock probably came when she heard that no real by-laws exist to give a new commissioner some idea of what her role &045;&045; and that of the commission itself &045;&045; would be.

Hinson wisely took the problems in stride and offered ways in which to remedy the problems.

Let’s hope the suggestions are taken.

The commission serves a vital role in the promotion of tourism in Natchez.

It makes us nervous, and frankly a bit upset, when it seems as if someone is sleeping at the wheel. Tourism takes a considerable amount of management.

Given the amount of tourism taxes involved, it is crucial that the right hand knows what the left one is doing.

Judging by Wednesday’s attempted meeting, we fear the right hand may not know the left hand exists &045;&045; and that must change.