Young parade-goers seek sweet treats in streets

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 9, 2002

NATCHEZ &045; Everybody loves a parade.

And whether you prefer the whimsically-decorated floats, the bleating horns of the marching bands, the whinnying horses or the dancing girls, the Natchez Community Christmas Parade had what you were looking for.

But some of the younger parade-goers weren’t too concerned about the any of those things. All they cared about was catching as much candy as they could.

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With the constant rain of peppermints and bubble gum, it was hard not to come away from the parade without a few sweets, but Thomas Carey and Andrew Moroney found a way to maximize their take.

&uot;We’ve been getting candy around the street that no one else is getting,&uot; said Carey, 6.

The two boys, both students at Trinity Episcopal Day School, hovered around a spot near the corner of Main and Pearl streets that was free of crowds.

Moroney, 8, said the lack of competition made it incredibly easy to collect fistfuls of Tootsie Rolls, Sweet Tarts and Fruities, the last one being his personal favorite.

&uot;We got a lot of candy,&uot; Moroney said.

In past years, the boys have been participants in the parade.

&uot;Sometimes we ride on floats,&uot; Carey said.

But both agreed that while riding has its good points, and throwing candy is an enjoyable pastime, &uot;catching is better.&uot;

The reason catching is superior is simple, Moroney said. &uot;It’s better ’cause you get to eat all of (the candy).&uot;

Or almost all of it. After the parade had passed, the boys sat on a stoop devouring their sugary prizes. But their mothers weren’t far away, and Carey and Moroney knew they would have to surrender the candy when they got home.

&uot;They take it from us,&uot; Carey said. &uot;We can’t eat it all.&uot;