Christmas wish comes true with holiday lights

Published 12:00 am Monday, December 16, 2002

VIDALIA, La. &045; When Natalie Higgins sat down to make out her Christmas list this year, she didn’t have to think very hard or very long.

Natalie already knew the two things she wanted most this holiday season.

&uot;Christmas lights and a Mustang GT convertible,&uot; Natalie said as her face lit up.

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Luckily for Natalie, one of her Christmas wishes came true Sunday afternoon outside her house on Robert Gray Street in Vidalia.

No, it wasn’t a bright shiny new convertible sitting in the family driveway. Instead, 10 small cardboard boxes filled with icicle lights sat in the middle of the Higgins front yard waiting to be strung along the eaves and wrapped around the shrubbery.

&uot;We don’t normally put a lot of lights around the house,&uot; said Natalie’s mother Pam. &uot;We have put up a little nativity once before. But not anything big.&uot;

Never had the Higgins family strung up thousands of tiny lights in their yard like the many of their neighbors.

&uot;It’s a lot of trouble to putting up lights,&uot; said Natalie’s father Jimmy as he unwound each string.

Starting with the eaves and ending with the tall bushes flanking the ends of their house, Natalie and her father covered the front of their house with more than 2,000 tiny white lights.

When asked if Natalie was getting a car for Christmas, Jimmy said slyly, &uot;This is all she’s getting for Christmas. We thought the lights would be a lot cheaper.&uot;

In one afternoon, Natalie and her father converted their family house into a Christmas castle.

After the transformation was complete, Natalie looked up and said she had one more Christmas wish.

&uot;I wish for just my family to be together,&uot; she said.