Jurors, planner must communicate

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 15, 2003

For several months, at meetings of the Concordia Parish Police Jury, jurors have asked parish planner Oliver Schultz to go back to the drawing board on a project to redraw district lines.

Schultz has been working for months on a project to redraw district lines based on new Census figures. The redistricting proposal is long overdue.

Jurors are obviously not pleased with Schultz’s work; they find something with each plan that isn’t right. At Monday night’s meeting, juror Gene Allen even told Schultz: &uot;I’m sick of you.&uot;

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We can understand that there must be frustration on both sides since the project has gone on so long, but that doesn’t call for jurors to insult parish employees in a public meeting.

The unprofessional treatment notwithstanding, the police jury is ultimately responsible for seeing this project to completion.

How long have the Census numbers been available? How long ago was this project supposed to be finished?

Police jurors and the planner obviously need better communication on this project. They need to sit down, explain what needs to be done, and get results.

The time this project has taken so far is wasted time that could be better spent on other projects.

Schultz, who serves at the pleasure of the police jury, apparently isn’t getting the message from his employers.

Jurors need to send Schultz in a positive direction &045; preferably without the insults &045; so that they can achieve the results they want and the parish as a whole can achieve the results it needs.