Musgrove statement creates much hype

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, January 22, 2003

We wonder if Gov. Ronnie Musgrove realized what a stir he would create simply by promising the Natchez area a &uot;big announcement&uot; on Friday.

For the past several days, just about every community gathering has been buzzing with talk of what that announcement might be &045; a new retail development? An industry? A new initiative?

So far &045; although no one is talking &045; the signs (or maybe just hopes) point toward some type of economic development venture. In his last two visits, Musgrove talked privately with local officials about economic development.

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We’re glad the governor realizes the needs Southwest Mississippi has when it comes to the economy. As much as we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps to find new economic avenues, we also need the kind of connections and power Musgrove has to make our projects a success.

His visits in the past two weeks have given community officials and residents hope that he is committed to bringing opportunities to our corner of the state &045; one that often feels neglected.

Whatever Musgrove’s announcement is on Friday, we hope his focus on economic development for this area continues.

We’ll find out Friday if the governor lives up to the hype his statement created.