Alcorn building on history for its future

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 9, 2003

Alcorn State University, the oldest historically black land-grant college, is moving into the future by leaps and bounds.

And while education is of course the first priority for the school, President Dr. Clinton Bristow realizes how closely tied his institution is with Southwest Mississippi &045; and its economic development efforts.

Halfway through a construction effort to build a new master’s of business administration building, Alcorn is looking at ways the MBA program &045; and the school itself &045; can help attract new industries.

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Bristow envisions, perhaps, an outsourcing center for a credit card company, or another industry tied to research done at the university.

The strong ties between higher education and industry is one universities across the country are exploring, Alcorn included.

With all the bad news our community has suffered in the past few weeks, Bristow’s vision and optimism are an example of the leadership we need to take our community into the future.

Alcorn State University, backed by a rich history, is building on its traditions to expand and diversify. It’s model for growth is one Natchez itself could follow.

Alcorn is an excellent partner for Natchez and for all of Southwest Mississippi.

We are proud to have the university in our community &045; and we look forward to the continued partnership for years to come.