Couple building house gets help from pals

Published 12:00 am Sunday, February 23, 2003

LAKE CONCORDIA, La. – John and Susan Myers of Vidalia are building their new Lake Concordia house, at least in part, so they’ll have a recreational haven their friends can visit and enjoy.

But completion of their dream house is at least two to three months away – and their friends, it seems, are already starting to visit.

Danny and Lisa Huffines of Natchez had a really good excuse to visit, though.

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On Sunday afternoon, Danny Huffines was helping John Myers, owner of Myers Electric, install electrical wire in what will become the master bathroom.

But if they could catch up on a little recreation while they were there, all the better.

The Huffines’ son, 8-year-old Daniel, started out fishing on the Myers’ pier.

But with gusting winds chopping the waters and sending the swollen lake over the pier at times, Daniel Huffines resorted to flying the family’s kite instead – which turned out to be just as challenging.

He and sisters Caitlin, 15, and Anna, 12, flew the kite for quite a while before getting it stuck in a tree.

Cutting the string, they flew it again for a few minutes before it slipped from their hands, into a lake inlet and into another tree. Somehow, they got it untangled yet again before taking a rest.

“I got my exercise today,” Daniel Huffines said, puffing as he finished running back to the house.

Children and adults had fun as well as work Sunday – and that’s the idea of a lake house, said John Myers.

“I like to fish, and the kids love to ski,” said John Myers. He and his wife have two sons – John, 19, and Bo, 14 – who weren’t at the lake on Sunday.

So perhaps the work is worth it. John Myers and friends, including Danny Huffines and Myers’ brother, Jimmy Myers, are installing electrical wire and the heating and cooling system.

Builder Keith Walker of Natchez is doing most of the other work.

“It’s finally starting to show progress,” John Myers said, smiling as he looked toward the future site of the living room.