Local restaurant chooses not to sell French vintage; other chef disagrees

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 12, 2003

VIDALIA &045; Lorraine’s restaurant on Vidalia Landing will no longer be serving any French wines in response to the lack of French support to the U.S.

&uot;I think we need to hurt them in their pocketbooks,&uot; restaurant namesake Lorraine Stallians said. &uot;I’m sure that’s a huge export for them,&uot; she said.

While trying to come up with a new wine list recently, Stallians realized French wines were on the menu.

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Since the French government is not supporting the U.S.-led resolution on using force in Iraq, Stallians does not want to support the French.

Stallians said she comes from a military background: her father served in Vietnam and Korea. Stallians said she supports President Bush and his administration in the effort to get Iraq to comply with United Nations weapons resolutions.

Customers have learned about the boycott the response has been, &uot;good for you,&uot; Stallians said.

Stallians said she could not boycott all French beverages because in order for champagne to be considered so, it must come from France.

Lorraine’s will still be carrying wines from California, Australia, Germany and Italy.

Other restaurants in the Miss-Lou have reacted in different ways.

The Castle, the restaurant at Dunleith, does have French wines in stock and available for sale, but it will not be ordering any more, said Dunleith’s Malan Parks.

But Jean-luc Maumus, manager of Monmouth Plantation and a native of Paris, said that in his own opinion restaurants discontinuing the sell of French wine is &uot;trendy and shallow.&uot;

&uot;They’re profiteers taking advantage of international news,&uot; said Maumus about the local boycotts.

Maumus said the principle of democracy is that there is room for disagreement.

The disagreement between France and the U.S. is more about timing than the principle, he said.

&uot;I think its been blown out of proportion for political reasons,&uot; Maumus said.

&uot;There are good reasons to go to war but there is no excuse yet.&uot;

Maumus pointed out that other countries, such as North Korea, are also in breach of United Nations resolutions.

Maumus said he thinks it’s a good idea the U.S. is putting pressure on Iraq because it may push them to comply with requirements.

Other local restaurants contacted said they would not be boycotting French wines.