Parish, city work on mosquito plans

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 12, 2003

After what seemed like days of solid rain, the Miss-Lou is emerging into more springlike weather.

That can only mean one thing &045; besides Pilgrimage, of course &045; the mosquitoes will soon be back.

Already, Concordia Parish and the City of Natchez are taking steps to manage the mosquito population, which is to blame for the West Nile outbreak of the past year.

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The Concordia Parish Police Jury has so far taken the boldest step: establishing a five-member board in charge of planning and finding money for mosquito abatement.

Creating a district for the abatement plan allows the parish to apply for grants for mosquito control.

Parish civil defense director Morris White has come up with an abatement plan, but it is estimated to cost about $500,000. With most local governments pinching pennies as it is, creating a board that can seek grants is a smart idea.

The City of Natchez, meanwhile, is beginning work on its plans to control mosquitoes. The public works department plans to place larvicide in places such as standing water as well as spray for adult mosquitoes.

Controlling mosquitoes is essential &045; not just because they are a nuisance but because they carry West Nile, the disease that made many people in the Miss-Lou ill last year and even killed a Concordia Parish man.

While our governments are preparing abatement plans, we can’t forget our own role in the process. Make sure you don’t have standing water in your yard &045; it’s a place for mosquitoes to breed. This summer, spray for mosquitoes and wear insect repellent.

Scientists tell us West Nile is here to stay, but we can take common-sense steps to help control the disease.