Ferriday potholes soon to be a thing of past

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 26, 2003

FERRIDAY, La. &045; The roads in Ferriday won’t look like Swiss cheese for long after the second phase of an overlay project begins.

Vera Toney, who has lived in Ferriday for 30-plus years, lives on Second Street &045; one of the roads to be overlaid.

&uot;There’s a bad pothole down Second Street and you can’t hardly get out,&uot; Toney said.

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In January, Ferriday residents voted to renew a 1996 millage tax that will be used to improve streets. The tax is also intended to raise money for law enforcement salaries and equipment.

Ferriday Mayor Glen McGlothin said that taxpayers will be paying about $100 dollars a year in property taxes for the street improvements.

McGlothin said that he does not know at this time what the increase will be for fire and police.

In addition to increased salaries and equipment, Ferriday firefighters will also receive a new fire department, according to McGlothin.

McGlothin said &uot;the roads were intended to be fixed a long time ago.&uot;

Before former Ferriday Mayor Odeal Montgomery took office in 1996, McGlothin said he had a four-year plan for streets but could not complete it since he was not reelected.

Montgomery said Tuesday that the streets were being fixed when she was elected to office. She referred any further questions to town engineer Bryant Hammett.

McGlothin said in November he will reapply for $550,000 additional dollars to fix any remaining streets after this overlay project is complete.

McGlothin said the following streets in Ferriday will be improved:

4Georgia Avenue from E.E. Wallace Boulevard to First Street.

4Florida Avenue from E.E. Wallace to First Street.

4Florida Avenue from Seventh Street to E.E. Wallace.

4Fudickar Street.

4Kentucky Avenue from E.E. Wallace to First Street.

4Vogt Street.

4Corbett Street.

4Iowa Street.

4Missouri Avenue.

4Tanglewood Drive.

4Huntington Street.

4Smith Street.

4Fisherman Drive.

4Davis Street to Levee Street.

4First Street to Louisiana Avenue.

4Sixth Street from Louisiana Avenue to Kentucky Avenue.

4Ohio Avenue from E.E. Wallace to Fifth Street.

4North Fifth Street to dead end.

4Arkansas Avenue from E.E. Wallace to Fifth Street.

4Third Street from Kentucky Avenue to Louisiana Avenue.

4Second Street to Virginia Avenue.

4Second Street to Texas Avenue.