Mother likes parenting ‘more than anything’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 11, 2003

VIDALIA &045; &uot;It’s the most important thing you’ll do with your life,&uot; Susan MacMillan said about being a mother.

Susan and Ronnie MacMillan, a Concordia Parish assistant district attorney, are the proud parents of three young girls as well as a 29-year-old daughter residing in Japan &045; and they have a baby on the way.

&uot;Our cup runneth over,&uot; Susan said Sunday, as she and her family enjoyed Mother’s Day. &uot;We enjoy being parents more than anything.&uot;

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Married for 10 years, Susan said she met Ronnie as part of a journalism work-study job.

In college, Susan said, she was a stringer for a newspaper, and her first assignment was on a Concordia Parish Police Jury meeting where she met Ronnie.

At the meeting, the jury was talking about a garbage contract, and at some point Ronnie laughed a deep laugh Susan thought was &uot;cool.&uot;

Susan said she used to tell Ronnie that their wedding day would be the best day of their lives, and he replied by saying there would be plenty more afterwards.

Now with a 6-, 5- and 2-year-old and one on the way, the couple seems happier than ever.

&uot;This is the biggest investment we’ll have the rest of our lives,&uot; Susan said.

The couple’s girls each constructed homemade Mother’s Day cards for Susan for Mother’s Day.

The oldest daughter, Arden, read her card to her mom which said, &uot;I love you By Kcas you are the best mom on the urth.&uot;

Susan was also wearing a corsage, which she said she receives every year.

&uot;My family always remembers to give me a corsage every year and I don’t ever know when they’re going to get it,&uot; Susan said.

The family had their normal Sunday by attending Vidalia First Baptist Church and afterwards having lunch at the Ramanda Inn Hilltop.

After lunch the family played together outside and on the tire swing, which the youngest, Avery, enjoyed immensely as she smiled big as her dad pushed her.

The middle daughter, Eden, showed off her &uot;Little Bunny Rabbit&uot; and fed it pieces of grass.

Although Eden and Avery played outside, Arden enjoyed playing with the makeup inside.

&uot;When asked what she wanted to be when she (Arden) grew up, she said 16,&uot; Susan said.

The couple said it doesn’t matter to them what sex the next baby is because they feel blessed either way.